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That Magical Night

Saluting absurdity in football’s nether regions

Words are my paint, football my canvasMany would have us believe that English football – perhaps all of football worldwide – achieved its climactic crescendo on Wednesday May 26th, 1999, when Manchester United scored two jammy late goals to cap a relatively dull Champions League final and scoop the jug-eared, uh, jug. Chief proponent of this theory is, of course, that bastion of journalistic impartiality and integrity: Clive Tyldesley. As he is prone to holler at us five times an evening, every Champions League evening: no-one could forget “that magical night”, could they?

Well, we could.

We stand against all the histrionics, melodrama, hyperbole and general bullcrap that surrounds the game at the highest level. We know that football is really about freezing your ass off on a Tuesday night in Darlington sipping watery bovril while some reprobate with outlandishly long nasal hair screams “OFFSIDE!” every time the ball enters your half. Those, we say, are the magical nights.

Because ultimately, football isn’t about the football. It is about that bloke with the nose-bush, about the guy who smells like a toilet and has been to every away game you’ve ever attended, about the grotesquely overweight guy in a Fat Boy Party Animal shirt who organises the coaches. Not to mention the hellish trip on the way up, the napalm-like pie innards, and the mocking you’ll get when you arrive home at 1am having surrendered an early 1-0 lead to lose 3-1.

We salute the absurdity behind the facade of professionalism. And semi-professionalism. And (with a nod to ourselves) the amateurs.


7 responses to “About us

  1. Frank

    Hello – THIS looks like an interesting site!
    As an AFC Wimbledon supporter living in Canada, a footy website that is “….against all the histrionics, melodrama, hyperbole and general bullcrap…” sounds pretty darn fine to me.

    Out here, the closest thing to “….a Tuesday night in Darlington…” might be having to be wear my AFC or Wimbledon replica top in a sea of Real-Madrid-Chel$ki-Juventus-Arsenal-ManU shirt wearing “EPL Soccer” fans.

    You, son, are BOOKMARKED!

  2. Dave Andrews

    Have just discovered your very interesting site.
    Am a Cheltenham Town fan, and yes we need Rovers money.
    What ground is the picture at the top of your site.
    All the best for next season.

  3. thatmagicalnight

    It’s Valerie Park, home of Prescot Cables….we think…or it’s Runcorn…answers on an postcard…

  4. Cugs Jugs

    A quality site – a great irreverent look at the world of football without all the ‘Premiership Boll@x’. Keep it up boys!

  5. Joey

    Seems like a great site. It’s different from the usual pro-Premiership stuff you get in most Mags etc.

    How is this site run? Are there a team of bloggers, or just one individual person? As an aspiring journalist, (The use of the word “Aspiring” denotes a Media nobody) I’d love the chance to contribute, if possible. It would be a great stepping stone to my inevitable rise to journalistic/footballing fame.

    Sorry for interupting the comments page like this.

    Once again, great site.

  6. Steve in SoCal

    As a supporter of the Mighty U’s (aka Cambridge United), currently exiled in California, I’ll second AFC’s Frank…

    There is no equivalent here to a “(wet) Tuesday night in Darlo” (although been there, done that, got the T-shirt), unless it’s getting up at the crack of dawn to stream BBC local radio and listen to your team battle away in the Conference…

    And don’t even get me started about the Premiersh*t or the plastic replicas that masquerades as “MLS’…

  7. ashaw71

    I just don’t get non-league football, come on tell me what I’m missing out on…


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